Customs Clearance

How We Do?

Legislative Management

Magna customers are enabled seeing what products affected by a new legislation through a SKU based method developed exclusively by Magna. The legislation is shared not by sharing the official newspaper, but by presenting the potential impact on the product.

Operation Management

All operation steps are electronically monitored and recorded at Magna. Each step from start of a work until it is finished is recorded and performance reports are generated therefrom. They are watched by customers live.

Risk Management

In Magna, the declarations are individually controlled both physically and electronically. Any declaration is controlled by 2 different advisors at the same time. The declarations are insured with a risk insurance of 1 million TL amount against any penalty risks that may arise.

Value Management


Magna customers are supplied with a lot of special reports. When a report not covered by our rich Report menu is requested, the MAGNA IT team will immediately design and implement it for its customer.


Magna provides consultancy services on YYS issues and manages the entire process from A to Z.

Post Control

In response to possible post-control audits, MAGNA offers a post-control service to determine all risks in advance. We keep you ready for audits.

Cost Reports

Import costs of imported goods per piece can be obtained from the MAGNA system. In this way, you can automatically transfer the costs of your imported finished products to your system and shed clarify the cost of the product you import.

Inward Processing & Investment Incentive

We prepare your project, take your documents, track and conclude the process.

Institution Permits

The current customers of MAGNA have ensured that Magna is a good institution permit practitioner. We deliver a service by closely following the legislation abroad regarding TSE, CE and agriculture and offer novelties to our customers immediately.