Quality Management Systems

How We Do?

In today's conditions, the great developments in the field of information, technology and communication are driving the societies into a rivalry competition and an economic race in which new developments are taking place day by day. The globalization of world trade has expanded the scope and limits of competition and the number of participants has increased.

Moreover, the participants of this race are getting more qualified every day. Customers have become more conscious, more informed and customer expectations have reached the highest level. It is no longer sufficient to meet customer expectations, but also to go beyond customer expectations.

The pace of change has increased, and developments in the field of technology have made possible unimaginable applications possible. It is very difficult for organizations that cannot keep up with the change and the pace of change. Survival of enterprises can only be realized by providing goods production or service in accordance with customer needs and expectations in all sectors. For this reason, the implementation of the Quality Management System, which encompasses all stages from design to production, marketing and after-sales services and aims for continuous improvement, has been a sine qua non in the organizations.

Information Security Policy

IT services play an important role in MAGNA's prominence.

Thanks to the reports designed and produced by our IT team, our customers can access much more information in less time. All the processes from the receipt of the work order to the delivery of the service invoices are integrated to our customers through FTP and web service applications.

Thanks to both web and mobile applications, all operational steps can be monitored live. Information and document security is guaranteed with ISO 27001 certificate.